Crowd control is possibly one of the hardest part of the security because you are dealing with people who are drunk, affected by drugs, racial tension or  arguments or possibly all three at ounce.

Clients don’t like paying money to anyone especially security, some venues won’t let you talk to people, won’t let your sit down or simply have a drink in public ( water).

Public don’t like you if they are intoxicated or affected by drugs because they see you as stopping them from having fun.

Some police officer’s don’t like security and will take every opportunity to make your life hell, they have known to breach or fine people because their licence is not facing out in full view.

You will need the patience, training and mindset to handle these and other various problems that you will encounter as a crowd control officer.

To often we see security guards turn up late for work, out of uniform and have a bad attitude particularly in the Crowd Control area. Talk about making it hard for themselves and the rest of the security guards.

Big men seem to think  they are indispensable, don’t get me wrong Size does matter, simply because when a person becomes intoxicated or affected by drugs they are unpredictable, the first thing they notice is an impressive security guard that is well built and weighs over 100 kg’s. This will often ( not all the time) make them behave because of the intimidation factor. A smaller person who is a great negotiator well built and trained in self defence is as effective as a larger guard but will not have the initial intimidation factor of the larger person.

Size is not everything, being a great conflict negotioator is the most important aspect of a crowd crontrol as long as you have the other tools to complete your tasks.

Tools would include but not limited to:

  • Puntuality
  • Presentation
  • Positive Attitude
  • Conflict management skills
  • Fitness
  • Control and restraint techniques
  • Self defence options

Do You think this video shows a professional service.

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