I read an interesting article from Eamonn Duff January 30, 2011

Sorry mate, that hairstyle won’t cut it in here

As a person who has worked in the security industry for over 20 years I can tell you we need these policies in place and the flexibility to use them when required.

What the security guard should have told the reporter was that as a security guard I am looking to refuse entry to people with a bad attitude, on the door we have to make decisions that will keep patrons safe in our venues. As inside the venue we have to make a decision on who is intoxicated or likely to cause trouble, people are asked to leave who don’t agree to the decision.

I really don’t care if you are a Leb, Aussie, Islander or any other nationality if you are intoxicated, have a bad attitude or disrespectful you should not be allowed to enter a licenced venue or any other business premise.

Security guards should use whatever excuse in the book not to let some one in who has a bad attitude or who they believe will cause trouble.

It is interesting to note the following:

”Any person wanting to be admitted to the hotel has a choice to either comply with the new dress code and admission policy or go elsewhere. The policy is not in breach of the NSW Anti-Discrimination laws and has been the subject of positive feedback from the NSW Police Force. Indeed, since the introduction of the policy, there has been a dramatic improvement in the number of reported incidents at the [hotel].”

The reporter has concentrated on who is not allowed in the club not the fact that there has been a dramatic improvement in the number of reported incidents at the hotel. The codes have been put in place and used discretionally by security staff and incidents have been reduced, doesn’t this mean that they are doing something right.

As for the incident with Waddah Sari, nobody really knows what happened for him to be refused entry, he has come from another venue and could have been seen to be either intoxicated or the guard has felt his or his friends attitude is not right for the venue.

What I really can’t understand is if someone refuses you entry why you would want to enter and spend your money there. It does not make sense to go somewhere when it is very clear you are not welcome, does not the owner as a person have the right to invite or reject anyone onto his premise.

Women do not stay where there are large numbers of men who have bad attitude and seem to think woman are only at these venues for their convenience.

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