Friday 8.04.2011

At approximately 3pm a teenager was stabbed in St Ives Skate park across from the St Ives Shopping Village.

Two groups of teen agers came to blows at the skate park and eventually one of them was stabbed.

It happened at approximately 3pm in front of parents and children who were in the park for sporting events.

The teenagers have been a constant problem since the skate park was built with McDonalds who are located at the shopping center hiring a security guard on weekends to protect their staff.

The staff at McDonalds have been abused and attacked by some of these teenagers in the past.

Quite often older people and teens are seen to be drinking in the park with police being called to stop the underage drinking.

There have been calls for the skate park area to be extended.

The council has dropped the skate park across from residents and the shopping center without any consideration at who will be monitoring the teens who visit the park.

Quite often people comment to security that they do not feel safe around the park and they are happy that McDonalds have hired security as this makes them feel safer.

McDonald’s staff and the Security guards have been abused and threatened by teenagers that hang in the park,

Questions have to be asked of the council about OH&S issues with the park area becoming hive for underage drinkers and the possibility of drugs being in the area. Violence also seems to be on the increase with the stabbing showing how really dangerous the area is.

The council should be held accountable and should hire security for the park 24/7 before someone is killed.

If the council is not to be held accountable who is?

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