A security guard watches over people, property and assets.

Most states and territories in Australia require a person to complete a training course for the security role that they are interested in. A security guard needs to have a good understanding of computers and access systems, they will also need to have great composure when dealing with conflict which most security guards having to deal with conflict situation on a regular basis.

A security guard should have a background of self-defense in case they are attacked in their line of work. Because of the nature of the job security guard could find themselves in a violent situation and will need to protect themselves.

To become a security guard you may need to get a number of qualifications to perform different roles in the security industry. In New South Wales Australia you will have to complete a basic 1A licence course that will allow you to work as an unarmed guard doing static or patrolling work and then add onto your qualification to work as a body guard, crowd control etc.

To understand the training required for the Australian States and Territories to become go to the state licencing links

 Job opportunities are Numerous across the country with most jobs in the crowd control area. There is an ever increasing number of security guard positions available to those who can work professionally and can speak English.

Gaming and casino security is a great area to get into with more technical personnel will be needed in security as theft and cheating are growing more prevalent in casinos.

With the up rise in security concerns ( media based), security guards will be a major industry in the future.

Even in Australia the 9/11 attacks grew the security industry significantly. With different landmarks using security guards, locations such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Anzac bridge being patrolled regularly.

A security guard work is often high tempo with many different tasks and responsibilities, For example, a job guarding an armored vehicle transporting money and valuables would require high attention to detail and a strict adherence to procedures.

A security guard working at a venue doing crowd control would be expected to provide an atmosphere of safety and security at the job location through being visible, patrolling, maintaining logs and records as well as reporting any violations.

Each employer would have different standards for the guards, but everyone expects that the work be done efficiently, accurately and timely with the ability to respond to crisis as a much needed requirement in this job field and the capacity to remain calm in high stress situations is necessary.

An employer would rely on the security guard to quickly analyze situations and act in a professional manner, as circumstances arise.

The ability to work as an individual and act within a team is a necessary quality to possess as a security guard,

A security guard may also be required to carry a gun or work with a trained canine unit. 

The guard should fit and strong as they are on their feet for hours at a time with shift durations being from 4 to 12 hours.

 The turnover rate in the security guard industry is extremely high due to employees finding a higher rate of pay with another company and moving around or progressing to another industry.

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